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Sound Management Group specializes in state of the art measurement techniques combined with an understanding of architectural acoustics to engineer solutions to a variety of noise problems. What makes our company unique is our ability to identify and determine the desired level of correction and providing the most cost efficient sound control solution. Our product line includes Sound Masking Systems, Digital Fabric Panels, Stretch Walls Acoustics, HVAC Industrial Noise Control and Ceiling Panels to absorb noise in loud, open or booming spaces.

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Explore solutions for Office spaces including Open Plan Acoustics, Teleconferencing, Video Conferencing, Call Centers, HVAC Noise & Meeting Rooms.


Explore the solutions for Educational spaces including Gymnasiums, Libraries, Natatoriums, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls and Intimate Learning Spaces.


Restaurants present some of the more unique challenges relating to noise control. Often the bar areas, banquet areas and general dining room are at conflict with one another.

Recreational Facilities

Many recreational facilities have noise problems that compromise the use of the space. Gymnasiums, Natatoriums, Aerobic and Exercise Rooms often experience high noise levels and the accompanying distortion that makes instruction and conversation


Studies have shown that rest and recovery is not optimized in hospitals due to the distractions of noise. Even the slightest subdued conversations at a nurse's station can be disturbing enough to interfere with needed restful sleep.

Studio Work

Controlling the reverberation (“echoyness”) of the room will eliminate distortion that can compromise the performance of even the best engineered electronic components. Since this part of the design is often the least understood, it is either

Home Theatre Acoustics

Home Theatre Acoustics the quality of the audio system in a home theater is as much dependent on the design of the room as it is on the equipment.


Hear the Word in a place of Worship. Sometimes you can hear the sermon, but you cannot understand it. This is due to excessive reverberation and/or a poor sound system. Balancing the majesty of a full sound for music and the distortion level that
nordisk testimonial
J.T. Bielicky CFM
Director of Facilities

We utilized the Soundshadow sound masking system in our executive office area and we were very satisfied with the results. As promised, it created a much more efficient and secure work environment.

cbx testimonial
Thom Unterburger
Director of Technology

The four conference rooms you worked on here are now finally useable thanks to the ceiling clouds that SMG designed and installed. I have personally received many compliments on the improvement in the quality of our conference calls. The positive impact of these acoustic treatments on our client relationships should not be underestimated, and I would recommend SMG to anyone wanting to make sure their rooms help put their best impression forward.

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