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We custom manufacture a complete line of sound masking and sound deadening products for open plan offices, call centers, restaurants and large facilities.

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Experience our specialized solutions for speech privacy and solve acoustical sound problems in your space.

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View a list of satisfied customers, large and small, who have used Sound Management Group’s line of sound masking products.

Ask Us About Soundproof Windows

Magnetite Windows are a cost-effective way to create a better working environment without the need for messy, time-consuming construction. We can quickly update your existing windows in order to keep the hustle and bustle of the city out of your call centers or offices. They are lightweight and flexible panels that seal magnetically over the inside of your existing window. Also, they are perfect for residential, commercial, or historic windows.

Licensed US Government Contractor

Sound Management Group has been providing services to state, local and federal agencies since 1981. We manufacture and assemble all of our products in the USA.

national institute of health
air national guard pennsylvania
us veterans administration
us army
us coast guard
us treasury department

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