Tack Panels

Tack Panels

Office Noise Reduction

Soundproofing Office Walls

Office Soundproofing

Office Noise Reduction with Sound Management Tack Panels

Soundproof Office Walls and utilize that space!

Transform your walls with Sound Management Group’s complete line of tack panels for systems furniture compatibility, stand alone or custom fit to accommodate conference room design with expert Installation.

Design Options

SIZES: Up to 48″ X 96″ (in 1/16″ increments); ½” or 1″ thick.

EDGES: Square, Radius or Beveled.

FRAMES: Metal or wood frame. Chart rail base.

CORNERS: Square or radius

FACING: Our standard or virtually any customer supplied
or specified fabric.

WIRE MANAGEMENT: Optional blocking to provide ½” space between the wall and the back of the panel; ideal for installation between work surfaces and overhead storage.

ACOUSTICAL PERFORMANCE: Our 1″ Tackable/Acoustical panel absorbs 85% of the sound (NRC=0.85), the ½” thick panel is used where acoustical performance is not important.

FASTENING: Hook and loop (Velcro ™) or as required.

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