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While most spaces have a suspended ceiling, many do not. In the case of most renovated spaces, the ceiling is often left open with the deck exposed. This space is a a perfect fit for Sound Management’s Acoustical Ceiling Clouds. That hard surface reflects sound and is the cause for both elevated noise levels and distortion. Speech privacy is also compromised as the exposed deck provides for almost perfect reflection of conversations.

Reduce Noise Levels

with Acoustical Ceiling Clouds

Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are the perfect solution to meet or exceed the acoustical performance of a suspended ceiling or spray-on treatment. They eliminate the need and costs of re-configuring HVAC, lighting and sprinklers. Our installation is non-disruptive with no need to vacate space during installation. Simply adding a suspended ceiling would be effective but would be both costly and disruptive. It would also detract from the character of the space. In addition, a suspended ceiling installation requires major modifications to HVAC, lighting and sprinklers.

The alternative is acoustical ceiling clouds – panels suspended horizontally. Because they are more acoustically efficient than most ceilings, complete coverage is not required to achieve the same results as a standard ceiling (NRC = 0.65 +/-) and can usually replicate the performance of a highly absorptive ceiling (NRC = 0.90.)

These can be installed in occupied space makes them the preferred treatment for this type of interior.

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