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Digital Fabric Panels

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Custom Sound Absorbing Materials

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The need to provide acoustical control is often at conflict with the desire to add interest by the addition of art or photography to walls and ceilings. The use of acoustical wall panels for branding is also a way of having the best of both considerations.

The Benefits

Form and Function

Art and Acoustics

Imaging that Works

Custom Acoustical Panels

Sounds as good as it looks

Acoustics and Aesthetics


Digital Panels in Office

Large Hallway Recreational Facility

Sound Management Group can provide images digitally printed on fabric to Sound Delete Acoustical Panels. These can simply add interest or reflect the nature of your company or the function of the space.

The design targets of each space vary according to its function. Our products and design support have been utilized to provide solutions to spaces as varied as: offices, conference rooms, tele and video conference rooms, dining facilities, auditoriums, lecture halls, recording studios, multi-use space and manufacturing. We have solved numerous noise problems in offices, restaurants, health care, education, recreational, worship and manufacturing facilities.

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