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The Sound Management Group line of barrier and quilted acoustical composites may be engineered to address a host of architectural and industrial noise problems. From addressing noise in manufacturing facilities to isolating mechanical noise in commercial or institutional buildings, these systems provide for the ultimate in noise reduction and isolation while resisting abuse and contamination.


I-A Type I
Nominal 2″ fiberglass blanket quilted to a nominal 3/4″ thickness. One side is faced with vinyl coated fiberglass cloth (VCFC), the other with a non-woven porous nylon scrim (NPS). Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)=.70

I-A Type II
Two layers of nominal 2″ fiberglass blanket quilted to nominal 1 1/2″ thick. Both sides faced with VCFC integrally quilted to composite. NRC=.85

I-A Type III
Same as Type II but with barrier septum, STC=26



  • Superior Acoustical Performance
  • Abuse Resistance
  • Excellent Fire Hazard Rating (Class 1 per ASTM E-84)
  • Easily Maintained
  • Custom Fabricated to Meet Specific Site and Environmental Conditions
  • Create a great working environment
  • Assure that your space is functioning within code
  • Options

  • Edge Trim: Edges bound with facing material
  • Grommets: Placed at edges for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Windows: Clear barrier vinyl windows stitched to barrier
  • Hook & Loop: To form tight vertical joints between blankets and/or provide access.
  • Colors: Gray, white, tan or black; decorative fabrics
  • Facings: Silicone treated facings for high temperature
    applications (to +550(F)
  • Barriers: Optional 1/2 lb (STC=20) or 2 lb (STC=31) barrier septum
  • Videos

    Noise Isolation of Large Machine

    Noise Isolation of Large Machine 2

    Noise Isolation of Large Machine 3

    Noise Isolation of Large Machine 4


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