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Hear the Word

In a place of worship sometimes you can hear the sermon, but you cannot understand it. This is due to excessive reverberation and/or a poor sound system. Balancing the majesty of a full sound for music and the distortion level that makes the spoken word intelligible often requires compromise.

[Wall Panels in large worship hall.]

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The cavernous spaces that provide the proper venue for choral, organ and, in some cases, full orchestral music can make understanding speech difficult.

In much worship space, the quality of the music is also poor due to distortion and the accompanying loudness. The addition of the proper quantity of absorbent materials to surfaces and the strategic placement of those materials serves to tune the space to achieve the proper quality of sound. The audio system is also essential to assuring that this is accomplished. Employing a knowledgeable contractor or consultant with experience in these types of spaces is important.

Sound Delete 1″ & 2″ Thick Acoustical Wall Panels installed along side and back walls. Also, installed panels on “Black fabric” the stage walls.

A mistake that is often made is to use large speakers in the front of the worship space for speech. This most always causes distortion due to reverberation. The use of a number of smaller speakers throughout the space can address this potential problem. In some worship space, small speakers have been installed in the back of the seating so that a minimum volume per speaker is required to be audible to each member of the congregation. This may be extreme for most situations, but a distribution of speakers on sidewalls and in the ceiling should be considered.

Hear the Difference

Sound Management Group’s customized solutions allows customers with daunting noise problems to find relief in offices, call spaces, and class rooms.  Some customers are unaware that their noise problems, are first — a problem, and secondly can be corrected.  This “before and after” case study will demonstrate the results of our equipment.  Have a listen….

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