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Sound Absorbing Blinds

Soundproof Blinds for Industrial, Open Plan Offices and Large Buildings

SoundElite® Acoustical Blinds & Banners are the first acoustically rated window treatment available to market. By integrating an acoustically absorptive material with the design practicality of a window treatment, Sound Management Group introduces an exciting new solution to noise control and sound absorbing curtains for open plan offices, boardrooms or residential spaces.

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Sound Elite

Custom Sized Acoustical Blinds

SoundElite ® acoustical blinds are not only an innovation in acoustics, but they also offer an attractive response to a problem that has plagued interior designers since the introduction of the window. Designing efficient working environments has been a goal of Sound Management Group for over 25 years. SoundElite ® is the newest addition to a line of product solutions in pursuit of that goal of creating efficient sound absorbing curtains.

The glazed surfaces of glass reflect sound, creating distortion and noise problems. SoundElite ® Acoustical Blinds offer unprecedented performance, and absorb 80% of articulate speech frequencies (500 , 1000, & 2000 Hz). In the open position, SoundElite ® Acoustical Blinds absorb 35% of articulate speech frequencies. Huge performance in a tiny package; SoundElite ® Acoustical Blinds have the same stack height as traditional vertical blind systems.

Ease of Use
SoundElite Blinds are compatible with all major vertical blind track systems.

Slim, Attractive Design
SoundElite Acoustical Blinds have the same appearance as traditional vertical blinds. An efficient acoustical treatment with the same stack height as traditional blinds. For the first time, there is no trade-off between aesthetics and acoustics.

Optimize Audio Components
SoundElite Blinds absorb articulate frequencies to minimize distortion picked up and magnified by teleconferencing systems, speakers and microphones.

Noise Control
Reduce overall Noise Levels. Display Noise Levels Graph

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