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Sound Management Group LLC utilizes state of the art measurement techniques combined with an understanding of architectural acoustics to engineer solutions to a variety of noise problems. What makes Sound Management Group unique, however, is our ability to work with the client to identify and determine the desired level of correction to provide the most cost efficient solution. Given the nature of the problem and the specifics of a particular space, SMG’s engineers can design and budget a solution. Frequently this can be accomplished via web correspondence remotely using easy to use information gathering tools. Occasionally a site visit is required to analyze and finalize a solution. As our valued customer, the choice is yours.

Ally Dorsey
Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital would like to thank Sound Management Group for helping us with the installation of White Noise in our office. From the beginning, SMG was very helpful in explaining the installation process and they were very flexible to accommodate our office needs. The installers got everything done in a timely fashion and we appreciate everyone’s hard work with this process. This was by far the easiest project I was able to work on to date. I highly recommend Sound Management Group if you’d like to work with a professional company that handles the entire process seamlessly.

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Michael N. Schneider, Psy.D.
Clinical Director

The Sound Shadow system has become an integral part of creating an optimal therapeutic environment at our group psychology practice. The system provides a relatively unobtrusive, background buffer that significantly limits the transfer of sound from office to office, within our waiting room and even from hallways into offices (and vice versa). Paul and his staff were very easy to work with, and installation occurred without a hitch. Prior to having the Sound Shadow system, we were using individual, white noise machines throughout our suite. The Sound Shadow system has been well worth the investment, and has taken our sound masking to a whole other level.

Mickey Green
Music Minister
Marble City Baptist Church


Thank you very much for your care in making sure we solved our sound issues. I am happy to report that we can now tell a significant difference in the quietness of our gym space. Those ceiling panels made a marked improvement. I am so glad you stuck with us and made this happen. I am aware that our job may not have made sense as far as profits go, but taking a hit in the name of customer service does matter. Your company’s ethics have made a statement with us, and we won’t forget it when we (or anyone we know) has sound management needs in the future.

Patty DeSande
Practice Manager

The acoustics in our office were terrible & offered little privacy. Paul Barkman diagnosed the problem and offered a cost-effective solution. His team of experts came in and did an incredible job. The project was completed in a matter of hours, without disruption to our patients, & the office was left in immaculate condition. The Sound Masking System totally transformed our office. We highly recommend this company!

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J.T. Bielicky CFM
Director of Facilities

We utilized the Soundshadow sound masking system in our executive office area and we were very satisfied with the results. As promised, it created a much more efficient and secure work environment.

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Brenda Gladwell
The Church of St. Ann

Thank you so much for the sound panels installed by Sound Management Group in the art room. The difference that they have made is measured by the student’s behavior. The whole atmosphere of the room is calmer because we can hear each other. The students can talk across the tables during art class and hear what the other person has said. Thank you again for being so proactive with the sound panels and thanks to Sound Management Group for their fast and efficient installation.

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Matthew Lavatori
Operations Manager

Sound Management Group was very helpful in providing solutions to an office space for our company in Westchester, NY. We had recently moved to a new building where there was a lack of background noise in the space which created some issues when communicating with one another in the office. We looked into many options and Sound Management Group was able to install a great sound masking system which generated the volume of noise we desired as well as the ability to adjust the system to our needs. We were unsure initially that this would provide the solution we needed however this was a very successful implementation and proved to be a great decision for our space. The service we received was excellent, with minimal disruption to the office, and the installers also made other preparations outside the scope of the job which demonstrated their ability to meet their customers’ needs.

Karalee Kludzuweit

This letter is written to express my appreciation for your assistance in completing the acoustical renovation of the Cape May County Special Services School District gymnasium. The material have done everything as promised! Staff members, from our physical education teachers to our art and music teachers, have approached me with praise for the “new” accommodations! Thanks to your expertise, our gymnasium is no longer just a P.E. room/basketball court, but now is a functional multi-purpose site, usable for musical and stage productions for and by students, workshops for teachers and staff and an auditorium which can accommodate large groups.

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Gerald Clark

“Sound Management Group LLC did a great job for us at a competitive price. Family run business. Sound masking system has been in place since 2014. We have had no issues and it has enabled us to work more efficiently as our office staff has grown.”

Leslie Doherty
Business and Facilities Manager

In the years following our building expansion and as the St. Matthew’s parish community continued to grow it became more apparent that we were in need of acoustical improvements in our sanctuary. In addition, we were also now blessed with a community room (Heritage Hall) that could be better utilized with an audio-visual presentation system. After meeting with several vendors we decided to contract with Audio Visual Associates of Denville, who partnered with Sound Management Group of Hillsborough, to design a system and implement technology that would fully meet our immediate needs and allow for future expansion. In order to maximize the quality of speech and sound, whereby the spoken word would be clearly audible at all Masses, acoustic panels were strategically placed in our sanctuary.

Heritage Hall was equipped with a ceiling mounted projector and motorized video screen recessed in the ceiling. With an upgraded sound system throughout we are now able to use Heritage Hall for professional quality presentations. The new system includes a centrally located wall-mounted control panel and equipment rack for our audio, video and stereo system.

We were very pleased with our project team from the early planning stages all the way through the implementation and training on our new sound and presentation systems.

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Kristi Graziano
Business Director

I want to thank you and Sound Management Group for the installation of our sounding proofing in our Brick location of Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza. We were very pleased with the outcome. Your company was efficient, professional, clean and did not disrupt our business operations during installation. The quick turn around was greatly appreciated. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Steven J. Bernstein
President & CEO

Sound Management Group provided custom-fit acoustical wall panels and studio-grade door seals which have effectively eliminated all noise. Interport now enjoys the best of both worlds: an optimal office layout plus a sound environment that’s conducive to working.

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Ron Maynard
IEEE Facilities

Since 2011, SMG has product installed in our Washington, D.C., New York, and New Jersey offices including IEEE Headquarters. Most employees don’t even realize that it’s on. Sound masking sounds similar to the HVAC being on. Depending on the project, installation takes but a couple hours and usage of the system is turn-key. The speakers are hidden above the ceiling and we usually keep the control unit in a closet. Typically, we will use a single 110v volume control unit to adjust the speaker level while leaving the amp volume at a preset level. It makes the office environment calm and helps employees to focus. Any acoustical issues that we’ve had over the years, SMG has been able to solve. We don’t hear complaints and privacy is maintained. We’ve referred you to other outside building managers.

Case #1: Our CEO asked if there was a way to alleviate the chatter between his office and the corporate hallway outside his door. His executive assistant could easily hear phone conversations between her office and vice versa. SMG installed a 6 speaker sound masking system and added acoustical material atop the CEO’s ceiling tiles. With minor tuning the problems were solved.

Case #2: We’ve recently reconstructed our entire NY office at the Cohen Building, 3 Park Avenue. Part of the layout includes the IEEE President’s office, 3 conference rooms, legal department, and open bullpen seating. Our General Counsel and Chief Compliance officer had understandable concerns regarding legal and confidential information leaving her office and designated conference space. During the build out SMG installed the sound shadow masking system leaving the master control with our management. We haven’t heard complaints or placed any calls regarding 3 Park in two years.

Eric Jackson
Director of Education

The acoustical blinds look great, close and open smoothly, and significantly reduce sound reverberation off our large window in our education classroom.

Thom Unterburger
Director of Technology

The four conference rooms you worked on here are now finally useable thanks to the ceiling clouds that SMG designed and installed. I have personally received many compliments on the improvement in the quality of our conference calls. The positive impact of these acoustic treatments on our client relationships should not be underestimated, and I would recommend SMG to anyone wanting to make sure their rooms help put their best impression forward.

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