Stretch Wall Acoustics

Stretch Wall Acoustics

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Soundproof Your Office with Stretch Wall

Custom made for your business and available for advertising designs, wall images and inter company branding.

About Stretch Wall

There are occasions when factory fabricated acoustical panels simply cannot be made to accommodate the intricacies and design expectations of a space. In these instances Sound Management Group field technicians can build panels in place on your wall or ceiling. This enables large size panels and seamless large format graphic images to be paired with the acoustical requirements of the space.


Stretch Wall Acoustics in Conference Room #1

Stretch Wall Acoustics in Conference Room #2

Stretch Wall in Large Room

Stretch Wall in an Office

Stretch Wall in an Office #2

Stretch Wall in an Office #3

Stretch Wall in an Office #4

Stretch Wall in an Office #5

Stretch Wall in an Office #6

Stretch Wall in an Office #7



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